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There are two main concepts to choose from:

  • Boxed layout
  • Open layout

You don’t have to decide for the whole site – you can easily use boxed or open layout for some sections of your site. For example just for blog.



You can decide about maximum width of your site (by default it’s 1140px). No matter what you choose (or leave default) – it always remains responsive (unless you disable responsiveness in Theme Options). You can also decide about each sidebar’s size.




    Sidebars can be set globally for the whole site, for selected sections of a site (for example different sidebars for one different Categories), and also individually for each page or post. You can set:

    • layout of sidebars (left, right, both, 2 right, 2 left, none)
    • width of each sidebar

    You can create unlimited numbers of sidebars and fill each of them with widgets.


  • 4. HEADER


    Header has a bunch of options, which allows you to set it in many ways (sticked to top, transparent, centered, with additional top bar, etc.).

    There is also an optional top bar, which can contain menu, search form, tagline (any text actually), cart icon and language menu,

    Watch examples 



    There are several areas, which you can use for menus (including top bar, sidebars and footer)

    Each of them has an equivalent on the mobile version (actually mobile version has one more area below the main menu), and each area can present any menu (you can create unlimited number of menus).

    Plus a headline bar, which can contain, breadcrumbs, next & prev buttons and title

  • 6. FOOTER


    Footer can be simple, or multicolumn. Each of columns can contain any widgets. There can be no footer all, too. You can create unlimited footers, and select them for different pages. Below footer, there is also an end note, which can be easily edited (you can remove info about the theme author).