For developers

1. Child themes

The Blog & Shop theme fully supports child themes built upon it. If you need to modify theme files, it’s better to use child theme for this purpose, so you still can update theme in the future without worrying about your modifications.

2. Theme Options

Every theme option can be read and/or modified on the fly in your child theme (or plugin), which will affect theme’s look. For example, if you want to check what color scheme the theme uses, and modify it on your conditions:


    $scheme = BlogAndShop::to('general/scheme');

    BlogAndShop::to_('general/scheme')->value = 'dark';

3. Filters

There are also a few dozens of filters, which you can use to modify many values and way the theme works. For example:

  • Changing post format icon

    add_filter('blog_and_shop_post_formats_icons', function($icon) {
        $icon['image'] = 'picture';
        return $icon;
  • Custom footer layouts

    add_filter('blog_and_shop_footer_custom_layouts', function() {
        return array(
            '16_46_16' => 'My layout',
            '18_78'    => 'Other footer layout'

If you have a request for other filters, please let me know.

You can read more about modifying the Blog & Shop theme in the theme documentation, which is included to the purchase package.

4. Reseller mode

If you create website for your clients and you don’t want them to know the theme comes form a marketplace, you can use the reseller mode. More details are in the theme documentation, which is included to the download package.

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© Blog & Shop by Webber & Webber