Header & Footer

You can adjust site header several ways. It can contain top bar, it can be centered, it can be sticky (fixed to screen top), It can contain cart icon (a few types of it). You can also modify fonts and colors used in the header to any you like. Logo can be changed for some parts of your site (for example different on a frontpage or posts by one author).

Top bar

It’s optional. It can by sticky (fixed to screen top) or not. You can arrange content of the left side and right side of the top bar. Elements you can place on top bar are: Menu, menu “hamburger” icon, Language menu, Search input, Cart icon, Social media icons. Any of those element can be used independently on desktop and mobile version.

Header examples


Footer is optional. You can create as many footers as you need, and use them across all pages on your site. For example, you can set one footer globally for the whole site, and change it for a blog, and use another one on a specific post. Then, you can fill footers with any content.
Colors are customizable.

End note

Endnote sections (left and right) can contain menu, social media icons or any text. You can remove default credits. Fonts and colors are customizable, too.

Example footers

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