Fonts & Colors

Dark 578 Bright

There are 2 main color schemes: bright (default) and dark. For each of them, you can select a leading color (by default it’s ), which is used in various site elements.


Customizing colors

Any 576 color

Additionally you can easily customize color of other site elements, like background, header, footer, etc.


Customizing fonts

You can easily customize fonts of the website. Choose any of hundreds fonts from Google Fonts library, or upload any other font.

Customizing existing site element’s fonts is not all – you can create new font, and use it anywhere on the site with a shortcode. For example, I’ve created a new font, called it “Big slogans” and used it for the above text.

You would be surprised how changing a few fonts and colors can change character of the whole website :)

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© Blog & Shop by Webber & Webber