Banner is the area below header. It’s optional to use. You can set common banner for the whole site, different for each category or page type, or even make it unique for each page or post. One of the following content types can be used as a banner:

1. Image

A quick method for a nice banner is an image. Even quicker method is a featured image. For example if you have a blog, and you set a a featured image as a banner for the whole blog, each post will use its featured image as a banner.

2. Slider

Theme supports many slider plugins (including Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, Master Slider), but if you need something simpler, you can place an images gallery slider in banner.

3. Map

Blog & Shop theme supports several map plugins (free and premium). If you create a map with one of them, it will become one of options to use as a banner. If you don’t want to use a plugin for that, there is also an “Embedding code” option, which you can use to place a map from services like Google Maps.

4. Video / Audio / Embedding code

Banner is a great place for a video With this option you can paste an embedding code from YouTube, Vimeo or other services, and you’ll have a video banner. You can also place maps, games and other iframes from external services.

5. Page

You can select any page, and its content will appear in the banner area. So basically any custom content can be placed in a banner this way (for example gallery)

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© Blog & Shop by Webber & Webber